Freedom Information Packet

FKA USS Freedom
Saturdays, 8:00 EST. Sim runs for 2-3 hours on average.
Private AIM Chatroom: FKA USS Freedom
FKA Records***************
USS Freedom NCC-1979-F
Commanding Officer: Captain A. Payne

Ship Name: Freedom
Registration: NCC-1979-F
Class: Cardinal Class
Designation: Science Vessel
Crew Complement: 1200 (if you packed them in like sardines, ship carries only a fraction that)
Top Warp Speed that can be sustained: 9.3 - for up to 7.5 days
Top Warp Speed: Warp 9.89 downhill with a tailwind or Borg pursuit.

List of Positions: See crew roster for availability.

Commanding Officer (Nice try)
First Officer (Wannabe Captain, otherwise useless. Usually has a second posting.)
2nd Officer (Same as First Officer, but less fattening. Usually has a second posting.)
Operations (with assistants - Come fry some redshirts with the transporter!)
Engineer (with assistants - No, sledgehammers and warp cores do not mix.)
Security (with assistants - We go through these guys like so much toilet paper.)
Tactical (with assistants - Big guns = big fun, especially when the torpedo tubes point directly at the bridge.)
Science (with assistants - Supply your own hunchback minion.)
Medical (with assistants - Warning: Current CMO handles the deceased in his own unique way, so don't get dead.)
Counselor (She has more issues than you do.)
Helm (If your idea of a dream career is a taxi driver, this is the job for you.)
Villain/Alien/Antagonist (The type you love to hate.)
Ambassador/Executive Officer/Civilian-type thing (We really could use a good bartender or massage therapist. Both?)
Strange/Obscure/Unknown/Different-type thing (We had Q's pet dog/cat/whatever once so believe us when we say we're flexible.)


But Seriously:

  1. No member may interfere with another member's enjoyment of the sim. This is rule number one. If someone isn't having fun we're doing something wrong. If someone is consistently being a jackass they will be fed to the Chief Medical Officer.
  2. No insubordination, harassment, yelling, cursing, or being a pain in the rear is allowed. Even though the sim is a situation comedy version of Star Trek a la Third Rock From the Sun the Freedom is still a military vessel with certain protocols. This does not mean new players will be walked all over. The main purpose of the sim is fun after all, but be prepared to swab some decks if you call the Captain an idiot. (Even though it's true.)
  3. A character bio sheet is strongly encouraged, see the crew roster for examples. Anything goes here, just so long as it gives a sense of flavor to the character, something for the other players to grasp onto. The XO wrote a thing called the Dictionary of Lera for crying out loud, and it serves the purpose of explaining the character brilliantly.
  4. Read the syntax document. Know it. Love it. Use it.
  5. Personal logs are recommended but not required. Try it, you might like it, read some of the crew logs, look at some of the art produced by and for the players. If you have a word processor we have the HTML skills and web space to post them. If you do as well, more power to you. If you have a particularly interesting character someone might do some character art. (All Orion slave girls must report to the Captain.)
  6. Although this is a comedy sim, actual role-playing is encouraged and serious subject matter is not discouraged. Even television sitcoms, and indeed the best ones, have serious content. The difference between those and a drama, however, is that the sitcom ends with a punchline.
  7. No super powers, omnipotent characters, shape shifters or Q characters, unless specifically designated by the Captain for use by aliens, villains, etc. There is nothing more annoying than someone trying to be God in a sitcom and we haven't met a Q yet who is immune to a pie in the face.
  8. Before an absence contact your CO or XO ([email protected], [email protected]). Three unexplained absences in a row may result in disintegration.
  9. Sim disruption (such as excessive non-sim related talk, disrespect for chain of command, or not following the brief) is grounds for a nasty spanking. We've been known to break this rule badly. But please, keep it light, relevant, and above all, funny. There's always time for chat before and after the sim.
  10. New officers will go through a two-week evaluation period before being able to formally join. So lurk the first week and strut your stuff the next.
  11. Players are encouraged to be creative and fun, and interact with the other players. Seriousness is not pertinent to the sim. We try to be lighthearted. Just ask the XO... On the other hand, maybe you shouldn't...
  12. Technical knowledge is not required, unless you are posted as an Engineer or Operations Officer. But please be at least familiar with Star Trek. If you don't know what a warp drive or a transporter is, this isn't the sim for you.
  13. Uniforms: (i.e. Lt Hunt, or AdmChristy screen names) are requested. It takes all of five minutes to get a new screen name at AIM.
  14. If one of the players runs off on their own, it is their own responsability to amuse themselves. The Game Master caters to groups of two or more, unless the GM singles a player out for a specific purpose.
  15. Members may be dismissed from the sim at the CO's discretion. (we've had a few idiots, so please don't be a winner of the Wall of Shame Award.)
  16. Never follow a rule off a cliff.



A Brief History of the Freedom . . .

NCC-1979: Destroyed when crashing into a planet
NCC-1979-A: Destroyed when we forgot to turn off the Auto-Destruct
NCC-1979-B: Mothballed after we "borrowed" LaaBudman's party ship
NCC-1979-C: LaaBudman's "borrowed" party ship; Given to Romulans in name of diplomacy
NCC-1979-B (again): Brought out of mothballs early after Romulans got LaaBudman's party ship
NCC-1979-D: Created because CptNatsirt wanted a new ship/ Destroyed by sapient computer "Compy."
NCC-1979-E: Destroyed by sapient computer program "Demian" in "Wrath of Ironbottom" incident.
NCC-1979-F: Current ship in use.


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