History of the USS Freedom Sim

The USS Freedom Star Trek AOL chat room sim started out in the early 1990's, with the objective of being a comedy-based sim where the main objective was to have a good laugh. Over the years, and three Captains, it has continued to be the "jester" of the "Federation-Klingon Alliance" of Trek sims.

When I joined up with the crew, the sim was already a few years old, and after a year or two and a few ships blown out from under the crew due to the zaniness, the first captain had been promoted to "Admiral Dude," and Cpt. Treki was in charge. I wasn't exactly the best RPGer in the world, but it didn't matter as the main point was to have a good time. And so with crazy plots from the cursed water on Planet Jusenkyo to haunted space stations to chasing Kzin boarding parties with a "Barney" hologram, to numerous shore leaves where the Captain went out in her "infamous bikini," escorting a defecting Romulan ship to safety, once going to Santa Claus's space station where the lady captain sat on the big guy's lap, and of course invading exploring primitive worlds, violating the Prime Directive making contact with the natives, and plundering anything with gems and precious metals retrieving ancient artifacts for fencing to Admiral Dude in exchange for a share of the Black Market profits scientific study.

It was crazy, but everyone had a great time, Treki was loved by all, and everyone was happy.

Then Treki had to announce her departure, and turned over the sim to the second in charge, me. The sim faltered after that as people had been happy with Treki, and even I doubted I could do as good a job. Membership dropped, all the players whom had been around before me leaving, (insert sad violin music), and for a while it looked like the USS Freedom was on the verge of folding.

But new people came in, experienced RPGers, people with great senses of humor, and some who were both. Membership picked up, and the sim was saved (Insert "Hooray").

We're a little more plot-oriented now, adventures sometimes going twice as long as they ever did under Treki, and we have an almost entirely different crew from when Treki was in charge, but we're "still crazy after all these years," and both new and veteran players continue to have a blast.

And we have yet to do something about that photon torpedo launcher aiming just inches above the bridge.

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