Dictionary of Lera


ack /ak/ expr. expression of sudden surprise or remembering something one forgot to do -v. to make this sound


beep /bep/ n. 1 the sound made by a horn -v. 2 to lightly touch (usu. beep the nose), to which the other person responds with a beep

B-Gone /be gn/ n. line of products designed to get rid of things (such as Typo-B-Gone, Punt-B-Gone, etc.)

boo /boo/ expr. 1 sudden sound made to scare people -v. to make this sound

bounce /bouns/ v. 1 to jump quickly or energetically 2 how Lera often moves -n. 3 what Tiggers (and Leras) do best -bouncy adj.


cat /kat/ n. a small, furry, four-legged animal, kept by Lera as a pet

chartreuse /shartroos/ adj. a bright green colour favoured by Lera

cookie /kk/ n. 1 a small, usu. round baked cake 2 these given by Lera as greetings -LeraCookies 3 cookies made or distributed by Lera cookieocopia or cookiecopia /kk()kpa/ n. a box of cookies given by Lera in which eaten cookies are replaced by new cookies -also Neverending Box O' LeraCookies

cry /kr/ v. 1 to shed tears 2 what Lera does when people are meeeeeean to her

cuddle /cuddl/ v. 1 to hug someone very closely -n. such a hug -cuddly adj. 2 easy or enjoyable to cuddle 3 Lera!

cute /kt/ adj. endearingly attractive -reeeeeeeally cute what Lera is!


duct tape /duk(t) tp/ n. 1 adhesive plastic, usu. grey, used to fix a variety of things -v. 2 to use duct tape


eep /p/ v. 1 to shriek loudly in fright or surprise -n. 2 this sound -also eek or yeek

eeew // expr. expression of distaste


foof /foof/ n. extra decoration done purely for ornamental purposes -v. to add such decoration -foofy adj. -foofy pillow pillow with extra stuffing making it better to throw

Forky /frk/ n. tribble that was almost eaten but saved by Lera


giggle /gigl/ n. 1 a cute, high-pitched laugh -v. 2 to laugh in this manner 3 how Lera laughs -giggly adj. -::Lera's Evil Giggle:: n. lower-pitched giggle done by Lera after something semi-not-nice (NOTE: while Lera occasionally teases, she is never actually mean) - ::Lera's Really Cute Giggle:: n. giggle accompanied by ::Lera's Really Cute Smile::


happy /hap/ adj. 1 pleased, in a good mood 2 the least common of Lera's three main moods

hide /hd/ v. 1 keep out of sight 2 move behind a plant to do this

hug /hg/ v. to embrace tightly, with affection -n. such an embrace -huggy adj.

huggle /hgl/ n. combination of hug and snuggle -v. to give someone a huggle -::Lera's Happy Huggle:: n. an energetic huggle given by Lera -huggly adj.

HyperPye 9000 /hpr p nn thouzind/ n. device used for propelling many pies at someone


icky /ik/ adj. displeasing to Lera; yucky -ick n. something icky



Koosh /koosh/ (pl. Keesh) n. 1 ball of rubber strands and loops -v. 2 to throw a Koosh at someone -Kooshed 3 to be hit by a Koosh -Kooshy adj. -Koosh loop n. one of the several looped strands on a Koosh ball and which should not be cut


Lera ponine t'Resan /lr pnn tursn/ n. a cute, bouncy, huggly, nice Rihannsu female with red hair and dark brown skin and eyes

Lerafy /lrf/ v. to enthusiastically hug someone, accompanied by giggling, bouncing, tickling, etc. -to be Lerafied to receive such a hug -Lerafication n. the process of being Lerafied

Leralike /lrlk/ adj. 1 similar to something Lera would do 2 having the qualities of Lera 3 nice, fun, silly

::Lera's Innocent Look:: /lrz insnt luk/ n. facial expression done by Lera to make her appear harmless

Leraly /lrl/ adv. in a Leralike manner

LeraSound /lrsound/ n. cute noise made by Lera


mean /mn/ adj. 1 unpleasant, rude -meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean to meeeeeeeeeee! expr. used by Lera when someone does something mean to her

meep /mp/ n. 1 sound made by Beaker the Muppet 2 this sound made by Lera, usu. when something icky or surprising happens -v. 3 to make this sound

meeple /mrpl/ n. 1 combination of a meep and a squeekle -v. 2 to make this sound

moose /moos/ (pl. meese) n. large deer with broad, flattened antlers

murple /murpl/ n. 1 combination of a meep and a yurble -v. 2 to make this sound


nice /ns/ adj. 1 pleasant, agreeable 2 what Leras do best -niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice to meeeeeeeeeee! expr. used by Lera when someone does something nice to her

nodnodnod /nd nd nd/ v. to repeatedly tilt the head forward in agreement -also Lera's Spring-Loaded Head


ooky /ook/ adj. creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky

oooh or oo /oo/ excl. 1 sound indicating Lera finds something interesting or happy -v. 2 to make this sound


pie /p/ n. 1 large pastry shell stuffed with fruit or meat or filled with cream -v. 2 to throw a pie at someone -Pie Kannon n. device for propelling pies -also pye

pillow /pil/ n. cloth stuffed with soft material used as a cushion for the head when sleeping -Pillow Mountain n. large pile of pillows, esp. after being thrown

plant /plant/ n. 1 organism such as a shrub or tree, often used for hiding behind 2 a shrubbery

poke /pk/ v. 1 to jab lightly with the finger, esp. to get someone's attention -n. 2 such a jab

portable hole /prtubl hl/ empty space that may be peeled up and moved

pout /pout/ v. 1 to push the lips forward, done when sad -n. 2 this action -::Lera's Very Sad Pout:: a cute pout done to show Lera is unhappy



red /red/ adj. colour of Lera's hair


sad /sad/ adj. unhappy -::Lera's Sad Mood:: n. the second most common of Lera's three main moods

shoop /shoop/ (pl. sheep) n. domesticated mammal with a thick woolly coat

shriek /shrk/ n. a high-pitched, loud, sudden shout v. 2 to make this sound

shriekle /shrkl/ n. 1 a shriek and a squeekle v. 2 to make this sound

silly /sil/ adj. 1 goofy, extremely exuberant 2 amusing -::Lera's Silly Mood:: n. the most common of Lera's three main moods

smile /sml/ v. to upturn the corners of the mouth in order to indicate happiness -n. such an expression -::Lera's Really Cute Smile:: extremely endearing smile done by Lera

sniffle /snifl/ n. short, sharp, repeated inhaling through the nose, often done when Lera is sad -v. to do this

snuggle /snugl/ v. 1 move closer to someone to cuddle -n. 2 such a position

snurble /snurbl/ n. combination of a snort and a yurble -v. to make such a sound

snurgle /snurgl/ n. combination of a snort and a gurgle -v. to make such a sound

squeak /skwk/ n. a short, high-pitched sound v. to emit this sound

squeeble /skwbl/ n. 1 a yurbly squeekle -v. 2 to make this sound

squeek cuter var. of SQUEAK -::Lera's Really High-Pitched Squeek:: n. extremely shrill squeek emitted by Lera; the most annoying sound there is

squeekle /skwkl/ n. 1 combination of a squeek and a giggle 2 this sound done by Lera, usu. indicating happiness -v. 3 to produce this sound -squeekly ad.j.

squish /skwish/ v. to hug tightly

sqwish cuter var. of SQUISH -sqwishy adj. very enthusiastic

sqwurble /skwrbl/ n. 1 a squeekly yurble -v. 2 to make this sound

sqwurgle /skwrgl/ n. 1 a squeekly snurgle -v. 2 to make this sound


tickle /tikl/ v. 1 stroke a person lightly to produce laughter -n. 2 act of tickling

Tigger /tigr/ n. a large, orange tiger-like animal who bounces excessively and is a friend of Winnie the Pooh

thwap /thwap/ v. to smack upside or on the back of the head n. such a smack

tribble /tribl/ n. 1 a round, furry animal which reproduces when fed -box o' tribbles /bks tribls/ container used by Lera which holds many of these animals




Wacky Sack /wak sak/ n. bag from which anything can be pulled -also Gaggy Bag

whine /(h)wn/ n. 1 complaining wail -v. 2 to make such a sound, esp. when displeased or annoyed



yay /y/ expr. expression denoting that something good has occurred

yeeple /yrpl/ n. 1 combination of a yeep and a squeekle -v. 2 to make this sound

yucky /yuk/ adj. disgusting

yurble /yurbl/ n. 1 goofy sound similar to a gurgle v. 2 to make this sound -yurbly adv.

yurgle /yurgl/ n. 1 combination of a yurble and a snurgle v. 2 to make this sound -yurgly adv.


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