html> Changes in the Ranks #5

SD 9-1-01 - "Changes in the Ranks" #5 - I got the news today ...

With Treki still missing, Starfleet went ahead and made my position as CO permanent, with a promotion to captian.

"The Big Chair" has finally been passed to me.

It wasn't unexpected, with Treki missing and us not having found a sign of her yet, but still ...

Lera was overjoyed with the news, including the part about her being made permanent XO.

There were a few concerend looks among the crew. Notably by Counselor Azzura Brinks, who wondered if Lera's increasing friendliness might cause some complications and conflicts of interest.

:::sigh::: How to tell her to ease off a bit, at least until Treki returns.

On a more amusing note, while Chief Engineer Temperes was on the bridge, he pressed the big red button setting off the "Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood" alarm. With the Security Chief Phiuse occupied, Brinks beamed him to the brig.

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