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SD 12-07-02 - "Fresh Meat" - We had Flare's funeral this morning. It was held in the holodeck, and the plesant country scene provided could not stop the sadness many felt, Tadtasi and K'Lynxyl in particular. Goodbye to our comrade and friend.

Following a brief service, the casket was placed in a cermatorium per his last wishes. Then came a wake that went shorter than planned. In the middle of things, Tempres brought in our newest crew member, a Laertes Redforde. He seemed a little flighty, but perhaps that is just a bad first impression. Having to deal with a funeral at the time was no help. Newcomer Brundle was acting odd too, saying he smelled cheeseburgers. As the music for the funeral somehow got replaced, and we were played the tune of "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," it was an all-around odd situation.

Following the cremation, the ammount of ash seemed a little small. Brundle thought when he gave the body one last look before transporting it into the casket, it seemed "smaller." But he did add he was tired, so it was most likely nothing.

Flare Strife's final instructions were for his ashes to be scattered into the ocean of the nearest terrestrial world. But this world, New California ... I just hope I don't wind up having a funeral of my own. I dread having to set foot on that place ... but then again, maybe it has changed. Perhaps my scattered memories of the place were exagerated by either getting banged on the head or something else. But turning away is no option ... Gads, I feel like a cadet about to take his "psyche test."

Then there are the others whom are likely to come with me. They seem unaware of what's down there, at least nobody's mentioned any details of the place. If my memories are correct, and it's as bad as it was, how long will it be before we all run back screaming to the space elevator.

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