SD 08/02/03 Viva Las Vegas aka "MiT - Men in Trek" #11 - Sliding down into a dumpster is not exactly an ideal way to exit a building, but I had no alternative given the security. Thankfully I wasn't spotted, though my falling on those garbage cans got a bunch of alley cats scattering.

And of all things, their secret base was disguised as a laundry-cleaning place.

I'm somewhere in downtown Las Vegas judging by the bright lights and the buildings marked "casino." The others are somewhere else around. Both they and I are headed to a hotel about a block or two where I'm from, one called the "Hilton." Still dressed up in the black suit and sunglasses. I think I see a couple others dressed the same in a crowd a distance away, presumably agents. Even if they saw me, I doubt they would recognize me.

Before leaving, I found a laptop computer. One with a plethora of information about our opposition. Trying to find out where Brundle's suit is, thinking I'd have a chance to either beam it out or destroy it, it seems these guys goofed. Instead of here, it got shipped to a "Hilton" hotel, possibly the one I'm headed to. What makes this even more odd, the hotel is hosting a "Star Trek - The Experience." Another one of those conventions around these stories so similar to our universe? Stranger and stranger.

It looks like we'll all be meeting up there. After that, all we need to do is find the suit. Should be simple enough.

NARRATIVE: The team finally finds the guy with the "peice of the treaty," which looks like an odd-looking coin in some alien language. The man is trying to find his cousin to identify the coin, which unfortunetly for the team turns out to be the guy Brundle kept running into, and screaming "face-eating alien," yanks the man with the coin into the car and speeds off, to the Hilton. Back on the ship, the crew gets a new member, Kura, whose appearance proves a little unsettling for newcomer Melvin Orlan.

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