SD 09/27/03 - "Rodenttech" So much for my medical leave. Things on the planet may be a little more complicated than we thought.

Tarra turned out to be something of a challenge. Despite the first few obsticles, Tarra continued to chase me down. She must have had lessons from Lera in persistance. Then someone entered the holodeck. Asking the computer, it stated it was S'Varr. I thought he had left the ship. I decided not to interfere, feeling after what I heard about him an "encounter" with Tarra would probably appeal to him if she were up to it. I went ahead and made more obsticales just in case: tripwires and covered pits, or tripwires to release nets. I had some help from the holdeck's replication abilities, but did some of the work myself so Tarra wouldn't accuse me of "cheating."

Maybe deep down, I sort of liked this little game of continuing to outwit Tarra time after time, though after a while she began to figure out my traps from the input I got from the computer. But in the end, she was clearly bested. I heard the holodeck door opened. I thought that S'Var had left, and as I was busy with another trap never othered to check. It would have saved me and Tarra some trouble - it was M'Rander and Cosmo Eninn. I only noticed them after I was alerted to a net trap going off, and M'Rander and Cosmo raising their voices. I quickly met up with them, with Tarra still struggling in the net, and making come-ons to Cosmo, who was reacting much like myself.

Maybe we could have given poor Tarra something to occupy her frustrations given the time, but we soon got a call from the Bridge. The away team had been sent down despite the lack of working sensors because the previous survey detected no humanoid life. The Bridge reported they were finally fixed, and so M'Rander ordered them fully activated. She was called back almost immediately, the crewman saying there were reports of radio and TV signals coming in from all over the planet!

Heading back to the Bridge now with M'Rander. The away team clearly has some additional details to deal with.

NARRATIVE: The team investigates the ship, and what they find gets stranger and stranger until one falls through a weak post in the ceiling, and quite literally drops in on the world's inteligent life - the chinchillia-like "Cidi", who react by panicking. That Dammers responds by drawing his phaser only makes the matters escilate by the soldiers firing their tiny blasters, and several pilots and one scientist heading to some transformable robot/planes (no larger than a humanoid).

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