SD 12/6/03 - "Welcome to Risa" aka "Porn?NO!" I swear, Lera's really cute, but she has a way of getting under my skin.

Fortunetly, her latest outrageous idea is only one of two glitches in this long-awaited shoreleave, the other being our car.

Risa ... the paradise planet known throughout the Federation and beyond, and finally our shoreleave spot. As the spaceport personel are looking over the ship, every single crewman gets to go down for uninterupted shoreleave. And the world has virtually every kind of entertainment one can imagine, hang-gliding, fishing, skiing, etc.

I was looking forward to just simply having some quiet time, but Lera talked me into letting her accompany me. I guess I was feeling she'd wear something decent, but instead her top was about as transparent as clear-wrap. A discussion about it went nowhere, and we went ahead and beamed down after M'Rander and Cosmos. Despite the difference in rank, they seem to be becoming close friends. Then again, they never seem to run out of things to talk about. Lera prefers to let her breasts do the talking for her, it seems.

We beamed down just in time to see M'Rander and Cosmos drive off in an antique automobile. Lera and I managed to get another, driven by a taxicab driver. But this one was, not in the best of condition. The engine kept making a "chitty-chitty" noise, and would sometimes backfire. Plus it always seemed to hit a pothole when we least expected it.

And yes, the driver commented on Lera's dress, asking if she was working for, or planning on working for, the "Radiant Swan Productions" pornographic holomovie studio. Instead of embarassing her, she suggested we go there to do a film!

I swear, what is with this girl? No sense of shame, or apparently any memory of Admiral Ironbottom's desire to get rid of us.

Hopefully the rest of the trip will go smoother.

NARRATIVE: M'Rander and Cosmos' outing to a local restaraunt goes smoothly, but the others have it less so. After a tussle with the kids, Dammers, Lynx, and Tarra beam down, but due to a glitch end up falling into a snowdrift near a ski lodge. Melvin finds a movie studio hiring actors, but it's not until he's inside he finds it's a porno studio! He turns tail and runs.

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