SD 02/14/04 - "Welcome to Risa #6" aka "Lera in a Bind" Well, on my way to the Bachelor Auction.

While Lynx took Tarra, Lera, and Orlan for help in getting outfits, I decided to go on foot to where this event is being held. I'm not sure why the girls took Melvin. Maybe they wanted a guy's opinion.

Getting away from the beach, the place is taking more and more of a seedy, decadant, air as go deeper into town. Although one is supposed to enjoy oneself on this world, this particular town leans too far to sensual pleasures instead of the simple ones. Despite those roughnecks at the beach, I think I was more comfortable there. I've already been propositioned by two "ladies of the night."

At least it's a break in the routine of boredom alternating with dealing with malfunctions on the Freedom, though I wanted to relax. Simple relaxation. A pleasure that is always eluding me no matter where I go it seems.

Hopefully Orlan and the girls are enjoying themselves. I'm glad to see Lera and Lynx getting along.

NARRATIVE: M'Rander is called away for ship business, and getting an invitation to the auction, Cosmo heads over. Lynx takes her group to "Kinks & Giggles," a shop specializing in riskee clothes, especially leather, and accessories. In the middle of trying out outfits and the jokes and snickers, Lynx and Tarra stuff Lera into a straightjacket, whom reacts first with kicks, then by dropping her "cute" demendor and acting more like a stereotypical Romulan, "I'm not kidding. Get this off me or I will spend every waking moment figuring out a way to kill your cubs, slowly." Lynx thinks she's kidding, and turning her back when the store owner removes the restraint, Lera takes a fire estinguisher and knocks her in the head with it, sending her into dreamland.

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