SD 04/17/04 - "Welcome to Risa #10" aka "Banned from Risa" Some vacation. I think we would have had a more relaxing time exploring some iceball in hard vaccum.

The bidding between Lera and that ... alien got pretty heated, going past 800 credits! Then it held up a mouse, some girl who drank too much hurled, and some general mayhem started. Lynx ordered "those three ruffians" escorted from the room. I'm not sure who she meant by the third, but Lera was hiding for a couple minutes as security had to stun the uncooperative alien who was not willing to go quietly.

Lynx then proceeded to give me a passionate smooch onstage (her tounge is surprisingly long), and then invited me to spank Tarra. I tried my best to be polite when telling her to get Tarra out of her binds, not sure what was behind her strange behavior. But when I mentioned her name, her demenor changed, demanding to know how I knew it and telling security to remove "this stalker!" I thought I heard Lera calling for me to be brought back, but Lynx ignored her. Security turned me over to some police, accusing me of stalking Lynx. I tried to be reasonable with them, but my protests mild as they were got me a black eye as I was taken to a police wagon.

What had gotten into her?

Then the door of the wagon opened, and I saw Lera demanding I be let out. Then came some security, who told the cops she was a nusciance, and she was handcuffed. Lera tried distracting the cop, then the guards by smooching them, but her attempts to kiss off her antagonists only delayed them as she could do only one at a time, and one reached her and after frisking her tossed her into the van. Lera tried using her comm badge to call the Freedom to beam us out, handcuffed as she was, but no response. Apparently either there was some blocker in the van, or the repair crew on board had taken down communications. After a few drunken ladies were tossed in, the van drove off.

The van went for a distance, then it stopped and Lott and his date were tossed in, the usually passive Lott grumbling about "bogus charges." Then the van drove to the station, and we were taken inside. We saw more people, mostly women, being hauled in. I overheard something about Lynx fainting onstage, her being beamed off, and a riot breaking out at the auction being canceled.

After a few hours in the slammer, I was finally let out. The police told me they were going to leave any discipline to Starfleet, "but until it is our pleasure to invite you again, you are hearby banned from coming here again!"

Banned from Risa. Sounds like the title to a twisted song.

There will invariably be a meeting among the top officers upon getting back. Something tells me there will be quite a few surprises.

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