SD 06/12/04 - "Hopping Mad" I'm beggining to hate that hollodeck.

In the middle of the "counseling session" wth Lera, the lights flickered out briefly, and when they came on, I found myself wearing a red jaceket and sunglasses. We then heard some nearby explosions. I wondered what was up, but Lera wouldn't let go, "Let someone else take care of that, you're not getting away." Lynx slapped us apart, being more worried about them than Lera. Then the doors blew open, and in hopped some kangaroos with rocket launchers!

One of them hopped in and demanded the jacket and sunglasses I was wearing. At Lera's urging, I took them off. Then Tarra went after it, it fired a rocket, and all mayhem broke loose. The rocket hit the ceiling and dust came down. Then one hopped over, grabbed Lera, and began stuffing her into it's pouch. I tried to stop it, but the one with the jacket gave me such a hard kick, I hit the wall and blacked out.

When I came too, the rocket-totting kangaroos had gone, and I saw Tarra getting into a van. I saw a bag of something materialize above her, and its contents fell on her head. Possibly catnip as the van was waving as she moved off. I tried to get the computer to make me a motorcycle, but got only a moped. So I followed from a distance. I soon saw the kangaroos, who had both Lera and Lynx. Lera seemed to have passed out. Lynx seemed to be enjoying it, oddly enough. But it came to an end. Tarra plowed into them like a bowling ball into ten-pins, sending them scattering, and Lera & Lynx up in the air. Tarra staggered out of the van, and caught them as she stretched her arms. Dr. Ennin, Orlan, and the now re-transformed Kura were also there. Ben Dover rushed up, mentioning something about a weird dream where something like a "facehugger" from an old motion picture in the 20th Century, "Alien," had stuck something into him. He was told it was true, and then began convulsing, muttering "Nooooooooo!" Orlan then did the Heimlich manuver on him, and he vomited out some strange blob. After some hissing, it put on a top hat and started singing and dancing to the sidewalk. Weird.

The group walked off. I just got the unconscious Dover, left the holodeck, and had him taken to Medical. The end of a rather odd counseling session. Well, back to the paperwork ...

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