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<title>"When Pirates Walk the Plank" </title>


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<P> <B> SD 2/10/07 - "Rikki Tikki Takki Under Locky" </B>  Just as soon as we got onto the Starbase, our new crewmate saw an example of the kind of weirdness that seems to haunt us. </P>

<P> Reaching the Starbase and docking, I had been ordered to report to Admiral S'Cowl, so I gave everyone but the assigned skeleton crew leave. I was planning to go alone, but Tarra was right behind me, and her all- Caitian security squad right behind her. Capable, but I wonder if looking for some with no problems working for a Kzinrette, she ended up with some with ... lots of room for improvement. </P>

<P> In any event, Lott was ahead of me, and for whatever reason there was a delay in the door to the station opening, and she bumped up against it then fell as it opened. When I got there, I overheard someone running up, then the girls dogpiled (or is that Caitian-piled) on me, with Tarra grabbing onto the nearest thing to try to stop her fall, my shirt, and ripping it. I ended up with one redshirt on my back, and my face on a couple parts of Tarra's anatomy best left unmentioned ... I thought when Lera left I wouldn't have to worry about that any more. </P>

<P> So I went to a nearby tailor to get a new shirt. I thought I saw Lott hugging one thinner than normal Antican Starbase Security. Considering her serpentine body and their ancestry from mongoose-like animals, a rather odd mix. While waiting for the shirt, someone went up to me and got my attention. It turned out to be the new crewman who just got trransfered here who's going to be our new Tactical Officer, A'Chala. The background I found on her is, unusual, having been in Starfleet JAG and the Risan Vice Squad. Under other circumstances, I might wonder if the Admiral was sending someone to try to pin something on me. But S'Cowl does not trust Caitians any more than humans. Probably an odd coincidence. </P>

<P> In any event, just after we met, one of Tarra's redshirts scooted by on a repulsorlift sled with the Antican and two others in Security in pursuit! What the hey? </P>

<P> Only here for a few minutes, and already somebody's in trouble. </P>

<P> <I> <B>NARRATIVE - </B> Lott is told by the Anrican, Lt. Rikki Taki, that she is under investiagation for supposedly trying to swallow two of the boarders in the wargames, and will be escorted while she is here. Instead, she locks him in a room and calls Security about the matter. Half finds a gerbil on the floor, and eats it, "It looked at me and said EAT ME! So I did." </I> </P>


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