SD 2-3-01 Shoreleave #1 - Hot Dog! Shoreleave at last! The Freedom finally got some time off. The other officers decided we should spend it on Earth, so we set course and off we went. We were in a hurry, so we went at high speed. Some passenger starliner saw us, and decided to race us - the crew dropping their trousers at the portholes as they passed. That naturally POed the Captain, "No respect for the military." Then they dumped their luggage in front of us. We fired low-powered blasts at it, covering the ship in underwear and brassiers, but one or two shots struck their engines, slowing them down. Then they decided to fight dirty - litterally. They dumped the contents of their septic tanks on us as we were just about to pass. In response, we beamed not only that load of unmentionable in front of their ship, but the contents of our own septic tanks as well. We beat them to Earth orbit.

The moral of the story, mess with the Freedom and you end up in deep doo-doo.

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