SD 3-17-01 "Take me out to the Holosuite" #1 - Things on the Freedom have finally calmed down, for a change. Me and a few of the officers decided to go to the holodeck to relax a little. I was open minded on what would be played, and when someone suggested watching one of the 21st Century Earth World Series Baseball games, we went for it. We went in aftr switching to local wear, and went to the stadium stands to a 2042 Mets vs Yankees "Subway Series" game.

Lera was in a playful mood as she sat next to me. At least she was being nice. Vohan kept harassing the guy in fromt of him in the stands, and eventually started a fight. He got knocked out, then as he came to a cop came over and arrested him. Can't say he didn't have it coming. Durring the fight, one of the spectators had his gold tooth knocked out. It landed on Caine's lap, then she talked about bribing the locker room guard, and left.

Life on the Freedom , never a dull moment.

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