SD 3-31-01 "Take me out to the Holosuite" #3 - The dropping blimp gave us a scare, but thanks to the Priestess' fireballs (how does she do that). Instead of the stadium, it went down into the parking lot. There was a thunderous boom, followed by the car-alarms of the vehicles of the era of the simulation. The moments before certainly caused a great deal of panic in the stands. Ael was no help when she decided to take advantage of the "it's only a hologram" factor by beheading a Mets' pitcher: "I can only thank the sport of European futbol for teaching me such violence." Sheesh, Romulans.

It didn't help that Caine then put the head on a stick and throwing it down it landed on someone with the stick going down the back of someone's shirt. He turned, screamed, and ran. Occasionally turning, he saw the head, presumably thought he was being chased, and screamed again and ran faster, out of the stands. Caine and Tellar could not stop laughing. Sheesh, what a crew. At least Lera's presence was comforting.

Attempts to get through to Compy, or around him to the ship's computer have proved fruitless. In an example of it's twisted humor, when someone asked it to "frezee" the program, Compy responded with Winter breezes. It never responded until the blimp was gone, and then insisted we stay a while, having the game go into extra innings.

All this waiting is getting me tired ...

Addition: After a nap, I was able to finally convince Compy to end the game, and thus give us control of the holodeck.

We're outta here!

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