AZZURA BRINKS: General Stats

Azzura photo

Height: 1.7780 meters (5ft. 10 inches)

Weight: 58.9670 kg (130 pounds)

Hair: Light Brown/ Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Golden Hazel

Complexion: Golden Tan

Gender: Female

Race: Betazoid and El Aurian

Duty: Counselor aboard the Federation starship USS Freedom

General attitude and scanty notes of interest: Mother and father were quite obsessive compulsive in behaviours, which wore off on Azzura. Mother is Betazoid and Father was El Aurian. It is unknown to Azzura if her father is still alive, though he is.... Her parents split, right before her father "dissapeared".... Most likely reason for the split was due to both parents having such dominant peronalities that would not give in to compromise. Azzura, being obsessive compulsive herself, was basically an over-achiever in school and in Starfleet Academy. When she got to the Freedom, she was so obsessive about being rigid to rules and otherwise, that it was a difficult situation...... Her empathy went into overkill eventually and a few of the crew kept harping on her to "loosen up".... One of the crew who had the most impact on her recently, other than the Captain and First Officer, is the Chief Engineer at the moment, Demian Tempres, whom was one of the few who actually got her to loosen up in more ways than one....

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