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" A Writer's Block "

This is the website of the USS Freedom's captian. I certainly hope you enjoy it.

L'nhraei Commonwealth of Planets:

A website by Lera, statistics for the worlds of an independent entity in another Trek sim of hers, made up of both Romulan defectors and humans who felt less than happy in the Federation.

Alqua Kalina Doodles & Dreams

Alqua Kalina's Doodles and Dreams

the page of the player behind "Shorte Phiuse" - "A little corner of the web..." with "A few doodles and praise for some friends."

brought to you by the one and only ...

The Caitian Tourist

A website with an interpretation of the Caitians (the race of Lt. M'Ress of Star Trek: The Animated Series )

Interesting he sports a Hawaiian shirt. The FASA "Star Trek" RPG resource book (Caitians are depicted a little differently there than on "Tourist's" page), hinted Cait had some of the Federation's best beaches.


Saia Kferr's Game and Fiction page Another gamer who took his ideas and made stories around them, a race called the 'Meggin.'

Half-Pipe's Data Halfpipe's site.

Tekno World The website of Mogsba (former player).

Mysticara, a Fantasy online comic scripted by Vivian (player behind Vak-Surik)

FF7 Aftermath, an online comic from "Sailor Poison" (player behind Lott) based on the characters from the "Final Fantasy 7" game (PG-13).

*New* Project Redman, another Fantasy online comic from "Sailor Poison" (PG-13).

Star Wars vs. Star Trek - THE INVASION "An Imperial task force recently encountered a strange, alien starship while engaging Rebel insurgents in the Outer Rim. This starship was determined to have entered our galaxy by travelling through a wormhole which links our galaxy to another galaxy. We have not yet determined precisely where this other galaxy is, but our cartographers assure us that it is 'far, far away'. ... we shall accomplish the unprecedented: the conquest of a new galaxy. A galaxy bereft of strong leadership. ... It is time for you to bring civilization to the uncivilized, backward savages who live in this 'Federation'. Let the slaughter begin!"

This site has a fanfic novel that won several awards, not to mention some interesting essays such as "The Economics of the Federation."

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