USS Freedom Art from 2004

I vant your ... bosom

(PG) Another pic from Murray Lee, "When I offered to Lera to do another picture of her, she wanted her character to be nude, again, with nothing covering her up but a guy's hands."

"She should have known there'd be a catch ... "

It's a bit late for Halloween. Would Char Riit consider it a Thanksgiving picture?

Lera Censored

PG More artwork from "Sailor Poison," who thought Lera "got robbed" because I won't do any art with her top fully exposed. So here she is in her Polynesian grass skirt ...

Okay, there was one bit of minor editing so the servers wouldn't boot us out.

she's a real doll

"Sailor Poison" sent this "doll pic" of Captain Payne, also known as Lee, and Commander Lera t'Resan.

"She is a horney lil Romulian who likes to wear as little as possible and is costantly trying to have sex with Lee. lee is a commanding officer who is trying to keep his a$$ from betting chewed off for stuff like having sex with otherstarfleet officers (like Lera). But lera doesn't understand one night could cost lee his carreer."

The size differential pictured here suggest she feels there's another reason for Payne's nervousness; he doesn't want to look like he's robbing the cradle.

Sand Babes

PG This pic of Alqua Kalina was a little late getting in. Here's his take on Lynx and Tarra. "A variety of different techniques both long used and first try were involved."

For those familiar with Alqua's work, they're just two "sisters," each happy to have found someone like herself.

Looks like Lynx wants a little friendly wrestling. Fortunetly for her, Tarra's very well natured - "Mew" =^.^=

abreast of the issue

Lera and Lynx do not exactly get along. Lynx being a tall felinoid, little Lera thinks, "SHE WANTS TO EAT ME!"

So Murray Lee did this take on the situation, slightly edgier than usual for him.

Lera, however, insists "No I'm not!"

sim Lera

Lera sent this picture months ago. Only recently was it changed to something that could be posted online.

Typical Lera. Even "The Sims" isn't safe from her. ;)

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