Additional Information on Planet Junkyeskyo:

Planet Junkyeskyo is the location of a collection of springs with a highly unusual property. Anyone immersed in a spring's water (so far only humans, humanoids, and quasi-humanoid beings have experienced it) will be "cursed" and take on the physical appearance of whatever lifeform drowned in it. Although the springs had been documented before, whatever reports of their effects had been lost in the beaucracy until the arrival of the USS Freedom, when vacationers on shore leave got an unexpected surprise.

With the exception of a "Spring of Hillbilly Humanoid," those doused with the water have maintained their intelligence and personalities, although there has been a case of someone learning-disabled whom was able to think more clearly when affected. Documented pools include human, an unknown humanoid with characteristics of Terran Appalachians, baby crocodile, an unknown race of reptilian, a winged horse, and Caitian. The "Junkyeskyo Curse" is tricky to cure as what cancels the curse can vary from person to person and is not usually the same thing twice, though hot and cold water in various environments works the most often. If a cured person is doused again, no matter the spring the latest water came from, he or she will change into the form made by the first spring. For whatever reason, a cursed person's gender does not usually change, though occasionally does. It is unknown why.

The USS Freedom kept samples of the springs, partially for long-term analysis and partially because with the ship experiencing strange transformations and transporter malfunctions, the waters for human and Caitian might be useful to keep someone as a warm-blooded humanoid. Although the waters have proved useful in the case of the later, there have also been a number of unfortunate incidents. For whatever reason, the ship occasionally gets more samples of the water to study, regardless of how much "Junk water" research has been done. And knowing the Federation beaucracy, there is no telling when this will stop.

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