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New California

Planetary Record : 1313-666

System Name : Politicus
Planetary class : M
Number of Satelites : 1 (Governor Brown)
Gravity : .95 (seems less near propaganda centers due to hot air rising)
Diameter : 9,013 km
Percentage Land Mass : 50% (only about 5% open to the public)
Length of Day : 24 hrs 13 min (it only seems longer)
Climate : Terrestiral
Atmosphere : Warm Terrestiral (effects of hot air from capital)
Dominant Life Form : 90% Human 10% Other (yes, the leaders were of human and near-human races)

New California was settled by Terrans and other humans who hoped to build a world based on the ideals of California society in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries. As education was particularly valued, a university was built in the capital, Neo-Berkley, as soon as one could be supported. It soon began drawing in students from across the Federation (due to beaurucratic planning on some worlds skimping out on education budgets) and quickly became known as a valued center of learning (thanks to the spin doctors in advertising) .

As time went on, graduates from the University of Neo-Berkley rose to prominence (BSed their way) in the Federation beauracracy and Government, particularly those branches of each involving economic policy. Politicians from New California were the driving force behind the change of the Federation's economy from the mostly free-market one of the days of Captain Kirk to the mostly centrally planned one of the Federation today (recall that Scotty once talked about saving for a boat while O'Brien's kid hardly had a toy in her room) .

As Neo-Berkley's graduates took the Federation closer to the economic ideals they were brought up with, back in New California they took things further, often adopting the most progressive of social utopian ideas (if by "progressive" one means "radical and crackpot"). All forms of animal cruelty were outlawed (including killing rats and other pests, keeping pets, and eating meat even for a member of a carnivorous race. In fact, these guys were so reluctant to admit a carnivores species could attain civilization on it's own, databanks were purged of data relating to Caitians and other meat-eating races that had. The only meat-eating race that was listed in their records were the Anticans, who were still very much primitive when the Federation contacted them, so they could say "All carnivores are savages, just look at THEM!") . Women received full protection of the law from unwanted social harassment (In the name of "protecting female rights," men found themselves under more and more pestering from "social police" when dating until finally relations of any kind beyond platonic friendships were made illegal, no more marriage, no more sex.) , and had the benefit of one of the most social-friendly women's' clinics in the Federation (artificial insemination and "reproductive cloning" were the only means women could legally have children) . The world had extensive childcare centers (the state assumed custody of all children, quite literally taking newborns from the arms of their mothers. Children were raised in nurseries and boarding schools until grown, mothers only allowed custody only for a few hours a week a few times a week, which could be reduced or revoked for the slightest infraction) , and had an orphanage that took in children from across the Federation (as most women had little desire to bear children they couldn't care for, the government turned to orphanages across the Federation in order to make up for the shortfall).

Education and Progressive thinking (meaning heavily censored databanks and Government approved Doctrine and Dogma) were valued above all else on New California. A person of high intelligence could go very far (provided he not only kept his mouth shut, but pretended to express support and enthusiasm for the government and it's Doctrine and Dogma, otherwise he could find himself in a low-end "Dilbert" job in a tiny cubicle for life as technology rendered the "mail room" obsolete). New California also attracted technicians and engineers from across the Federation (As the schooling system valued ideology over brains, fewer were graduating with high marks in technical skills. So New California appealed to friends in Federation Employment Boards, technicians seeking jobs were directed to the world, knowing only what they were told about the place, and not finding out until it was too late) .

In New California, freedom of speech and one's opinion was valued as much as anywhere else in the Federation and fully encouraged (As long as you agreed completely and fully with the government), and any differences of opinion were tolerated and even encouraged (it gave the social police and mental wards something to do - In reality, the government had no tolerance of dissent, and speaking out in public got one thrown in jail in a hurry. Persistent acts of "un-right" thinking earned one a trip to ICI - the Institute of the Criminally Insane). Women go about without fear of harassment (if a man was even suspected of so much as starring at a woman suspiciously, he was forced to undergo surgical alteration on the spot and his face made to look like piglike). The planet is such a pleasant place to live, few bother to leave (when too many talented personnel began leaving, travel to and from the planet was restricted to the lone space elevator, where the government could easily control who could and couldn't leave), and those who do have only happy words about the place with nary a complaint (Even those who managed to leave found an unsympathetic audience as the Federation media was directed by Neo-Berkley graduates, or people appointed by them. That is, those who tried to get the story to the media. Most were so discouraged by the disbelief of people they talked to the planet about, they quickly kept quiet about the place).

New California is a world that has achieved the ideal of a society free of any social classes to divide people (In reality, New California had several levels of social classes. Highest of all were the Councilpersons, the High Council followed by the Lower Council, the latter which included Department and Beaurcratic heads. They had the best food and the finest living conditions. Technicians, scientists, beaurucrats, and policemen formed a sort of middle class. The largest group were the workers), where the laborers are the true rulers of the world (despite what the propaganda says, elections are a farce due to ideological pre-screening disguised as "mental health invalidations"), where all enjoy the resources of the government (the workers lived in sunstandard temement housing) , and no one is discriminated against or put down Underneath everyone else were those deemed outcasts by the government, called the "Untouchables" or "Unspeakables" by some as no one in public paid attention to them for fear of being questioned by the social police. Banned from getting any public assistance, those not in institutions or jails lived off whatever was in garbage cans and slept in abandoned buildings) .

Public respect for the law is as high as the respect the government has for the people (In reality, there were a few "speakeasies" that allowed forbidden desires as the eating of meat and companionship with the opposite sex. Technicians, and a few off-duty policemen, could enjoy these places, and the government turned a blind eye as long as the masses were unaware of them and were paid substantial bribes by the owners. A speakeasy that became too widely known, or skimped on it's "fees" would be forced to close down). Representatives of the Federation government and Starfleet were highly welcome here (Starfleet became a whipping-boy of New California's government as in the planet's media they pinned the blame on about anything that went wrong on "Starfleece" robbing the peoples' budget," and any Starfleet personnel that happened to be allowed onto the world were inevitably turned back as an angry mob was quickly formed and forced them back onto the space elevator in a hurry). New California and Starfleet got along well (Curiously, there are rumors of an agreement between New California and some Starfleet Admirals that allowed those from the world who wanted to join Starfleet to go, provided they signed an agreement not to say anything about the planet. For most, this was not necessary as once they realized no one else knew about the place, they didn't think they would be believed).

As time went on however, the planet's fortunes began to recede somewhat (They took a dive). For reasons unknown, the amount of food produced declined by a small amount (dropped by a lot due to farmers having less and less incentive to produce more, along with less food getting to the people due to the infrastructure breaking down due to neglect and few replicators on the world as they were illegal). The world had to import small amounts of food (They had import most of it, and it was mostly Vulcan tofu as the government went for the cheapest stuff, and aside from prisons and reform schools, nobody but Vulcans eats it). Manufacturing, transportation, and infrastructure began experiencing some minor difficulties (began breaking down due to the workers' lack of enthusiasm about their jobs and their lives other than as a cog in a machine with no real purpose, not to mention their health as their vegetarian diets began leading to nutritional deficiencies, especially when more and more of the food was Vulcan tofu). Still society pressed on, the government blaming the problems on Starfleet "stealing food away from the needy" by it's continual demands for resources (nevermind that only a small fraction of Starfleet vessels are "true" warships as most are supply vessels, research ships, medical ships, etc.).

The end came when the USS Freedom made a port call at New California's starbase. The crew were granted full shoreleave onto the world (those in charge obviously confident the angry mob near the Welcome Center would drive them back). Although descriptions of exactly what happened are unclear, what is known is the planet's space station self-destructed (and not only plunged the world into blackout as regulations made the space station it's only power source and the electromagnetic pulse shorted out most everything than ran on a battery, but the planet's entire shipment of it's six-month supply of Vulcan tofu was in freighters docked at the station, and the docking clamps couldn't be released in time), and there are various stories about some minor public disturbances (shocked by what they saw, some of the crewmen encouraged a crowd, made up of college students whom were hearing a new viewpoint for the first time in their lives and longtime residents and immigrants who could remember a different kind of life, to revolt. The social police unable to stop them due to their weapons fried by the ECM pulse, the demonstrators broke into the University District), and the High Council led by Tongo Rad (in his youth, one of the "space hippies" who hijacked Captain Kirk's ship) resigned from office (were overthrown and arrested), though it is unclear what drove them to leave (In addition to the reasons previously listed, two things were discovered. One, although an "emergency supply" of food had been set aside in case shipments didn't arrive, it turned out to have been eaten by rats which had been allowed to thrive under the "animal cruelty" laws. Second, when found, the High Council was discovered eating meat and engaging in acts with women they had banned for everyone else. Their excuse was that as leaders of the planet, they were "entitled to some ways to relax from the stress of directing this world" Apparently "It's good to be King" was already taken).

The USS Freedom was of minor assistance in the few days following the public uprising (Starvation was averted when the ship's crew managed to replicate a large amount of food in a short time, as well as transport some replicators, farming and fishing supplies, and equipment to repair mothballed power plants. It is also noted the renewed enthusiasm shown by immigrant technicians and some long-term residents alike once the old rulers were overthrown was about as important as the supplies, if not more so).

Despite pleas from the Freedom's Captain to remain until the emergency had passed, the ship was ordered away shortly after it was confirmed a temporary Starfleet governor was on his way to the planet (the commanding Admiral of the sector wanted the ship and it's crew to have as little credit as possible for deposing a corrupt regime, and may have been upset at having a source of compliant obedient redshirts gotten rid of per the earlier mentioned deal). Records of what has happened since has been classified pending the resolution of a legal ruling in the Starfleet vs. Dewey, Cheetum and Howl case (Not much is known outside the higher levels of the Federation government as communications and travel with New California were cut off, but there was a major public disturbance of some kind in which most of those of the old planetary government who were detained managed to escape. Most likely those who stuck around to find out were unable, or posibly unwilling, to leave).

With the leaders of their former home deposed, those residents of New California who reluctantly left their world (busted out as mentioned beforehand) greeted the news with sadness (there were several recorded instances of people going out into the streets and doing a dance), and had only high praise for them (In fact, a few former residents of New California have tried to press charges against them, notably the High Council and it's leader Tongo Rad) , and have continued to enjoy support from Federation officials (So far, every case has so far been dismissed before it ever got to trial, and the plaintiffs ordered to keep quiet about the matters). Tongo Rad himself has been nominated for the Federation Nobel Prize in Economics (either a case of "The Powerful protect each other" or an example of how much control their political faction has in the Federation, either way it looks like Tongo Rad and his cronies will be around for a while) .

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