Planet Survivor

Planetary class : M
Number of Satelites : 2
Gravity : 1.15
Diameter : 10,666 km
Biosphere : 30% land, 60% water, 10% ice. Most of the land masses are in the tropical regions.
Length of Day : 23 hrs 49 min
Climate : Warm Terrestiral
Atmosphere : Warm Terrestiral
Dominant Life Form : No native sentient life. Highest life forms are various mammals.

Desirable Traits: Close to the trade lanes to Orion.

Undesirable Traits: Due to solar activity and the dispersal of the land masses this world is prone to mega-storms twice a year, with irregular heavy ionization of the atmosphere. This makes use of transporters spotty and during the periods of storms hazardous. This caused the Federation Corps of Engineers to declare the planet unfit for colonization.

Future: This planet has been turned over to Starfleet for its use and is off limits to civilians.


Y2219 M4327 discovered and surveyed by USS Bounty. The survey was conducted during the planet’s summer and the world was declared a paradise and named New Tahiti. The Bounty went missing shortly after filing the report.

Y2220 Federation Corps of Engineers begins a comprehensive survey of New Tahiti, but renames M4327 Hades after having their ship crippled and many of the engineers on the ground lost.

Y2225 Hades turned over to the Federation Governing Council with the recommendation that it never be colonized. In the words of one engineer “They should just blow the damned thing to hell and be done with it.”

Y2231 Federation Governing Council turns over Hades to Starfleet. Starfleet immediately builds a five star golfing resort on the planet, but abandons it after two years. One guest was heard to complain “Paradise my a**! If I still had a foot, I’d kick the butt of whoever built this place!”

Y2267 With the Federation on the verge of war with the Klingon Empire, Starfleet designates Hades as an in-atmosphere weapons testing base. Several of the smaller landmasses are rendered uninhabitable. Testing goes on till 2274 when a team of engineers is caught by surprise by early storms. The engineers retreat to their bunker and proceeded to have a three month bender, totally wrecking the place. The Admiralty was not amused when after refurbishing the base the next three engineering teams delayed their departure so that they too could be marooned for the duration of the storms. Operations are suspended.

Y2275 Hades is used to crash test several obsolete starships by Admiral Attila. Rumor has it that he did this because he loved seeing ships crash, but the Federation Corps of Engineers claims that the tests are legitimate. The shattered remains of the starships were left in place for evaluation and are visited once a year by engineers who use the visits as an excuse to have a party on the beach.

Y2281 Hades is turned over to Starfleet Security and renamed Survivor for the S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R. survival training exercises conducted by Starfleet Security. During the exercises the teams are completely on their own as the few bases on the world are occupied only for a few days a year by surveyors and engineers. Most ships will not remain in orbit any longer than they must because of the unpredictable solar activity.


There are numerous rumors about this world, such as the real purpose of the survival exercises being to literally kill off accident-prone redshirts before valuable credits are spent training and equipping them (or to quietly dispose of troublemakers in "retraining"). It is said that there are secret cameras placed around team camps for voyeuristic Admirals (and to sell to underground and Ferrengi media). Additional rumors abound about smugglers, eccentric mad scientists, and others that take advantage of the lack of unique status and conditions of the planet, but Starfleet assures that none of them are true. One particuarly wild rumor is of a carnivourus rabbit-like animal traveling in packs and taking down everything in it's path, but this has been dismissed as tales of drunken spacers, "Monty Python fans on drugs," and personel driven mad by isolation.

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