Brundle's Biography

Name: Seth M. Brundle

Species: Human* (see records)

Age: 27

Rank: Ensign

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Features: Deformed hands, abnormal skin (looks burnt but isn't), stringy hair

Gender: Male

Planet of orige: Earth

Position: Assistant Medical Officer

Qualifications: Completed Starfleet's short-lived Home Course on medicine. Has some knowledge on the theory of teleportation.

Psychologists Note: He is somewhat neurotic, but a very good soul. However, the insect part of his brain must not be allowed to surfice, unless in a very desperate battle. Insects are very brutal. No compassion, no comprimise. We can't trust the insect. So be sure the human is always there.

Physicians Note: We were able to stop his deterioration, but were unable to revert his condition. If we hadn't stopped it, he would turn into the stuff of monster movies. Still, he must eat like a fly (regurgitating a corrosive enzyme on his food, thereby liquifying it for easy digestion. This enzyme can cut through most organic materials. However, although he jokingly makes threats around it, he can only summon it when he's about to eat). His hands, though deformed, are fully functional. His wall-crawling ablilities add for stealth, but should not be exploited. Dispite his...peculiar habits, he is totally able to perform medical work.

On Seth's behalf, I would like to point out that it is very highly unlikely that Seth will produce a "Brundlefly" child, so it is safe for him to date (I suggest he does soon before he goes insane).

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