html> I Want My Mummy! #1

SD 5-26-01 "I Want My Mummy!" #1 - NARRATIVE - Stuck in the middle of a seemingly endless desert in what "Q" claimed was Egypt 1935, the crew, with mixed feelings, heads on to the place where Commander Lee supposedly is, with Zaboo as their guide. They get to what looks like an Egyptian tomb, according to the writing, that of a high priest called "Pi'chotent" who was condemed by the Pharoah for illicit behavior with an intern. With lit torches, they go down a dark corridor. After a while, they get to a closed stone door with a puzzle apparently involving figurines of a hawk and a bat ...

"Count Chocula goes on the other side, Shorte! Ooops...too late...."

Celebrin Sandorsen Caine Engineer, acquirer, and all-around trickster

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