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SD 5-19-01 "Newcomers" #2 - Those newcomers have been on the ship just a few minutes, and already they're in trouble. The Crysillian whipped out a pack of Acturian burstweed, and the scent overpowered all three of them. Burstweed's sometimes sold as exotic catnip, so this may have been an attempt at a joke on the Caitian, but it backfired and got both. Shorte Phiuse is expected to recover first.

Before I see him, I've just been notified of the Counselor's promotion from Yeoman to Ensign. I'll go give her the news, then see the new crew, those awake anyway.

Narrative: Sweet gets a sugar high from all the ballpark candy Ael feeds him then brings Caine a wallet from a holo-fan; the wallet gets raided by Caine for future use (you know we are gonna be blown up one day!); Azzura gets pips; Shorte gets shanghaied onto the holodeck with the others; Lee manages to tick off Sweet's Master and we get an unscheduled tour of a lot of sand with no beach to be seen (Sorry Lera!). Come to think of it, Lee's nowhere to be seen either....

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