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SD 5-05-01 "Newcomers" #1 - Just in time for the ship to doc and get some new officers for the crew, we had a minor situation to deal with. Well, maybe not so minor when considering who caused it.

It turned out that the cat-eared humanoid that appeared durring our holodeck game was no computer malfunction, but a stowaway. He tried ot get away when approached, but Counselor Brinks managed to get him. Questioning him, he seemed a bit on the naieve side and talked about a powerful "Master" who brought him here. Questioning him further, the "Master" turned out to be Q.

Q, the entity with seemingly limitless power, and a seemingly limitless ego and attitude to match. He's been known to pester the Enterprise and Voyager , What does he want with us?

It seems we've gotten pretty much out of this curious visitor as we can for now. I better go meet up with our new crewmates to give them a courtesy welcome aboard. The three yeomen officers are R'merr, a Caitian who should be useful at the helm judging by his record. There is also Shorte Phiuse, a Bajorian who made it through Starfleet on an "affirmative action" clause. His record is certainly, different. He was in engineering studies, but kept blowing up the warp cores in simulations. The third one seems to be a last-minute transfer, with a currupted file on him. I think I heard he was a "Crysilian," a humanoid race that I know little of, save they have some telepathic abilities like the Betazoids but are limited to sensing emotions in other races.

What R'merr will be thinking when he hears about our adventure on planet Junkeskyou is yet to be determined.

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