html> I Want My Mummy! #3

SD 6-9-01 "I Want My Mummy!" #3 - NARRATIVE - The team deals with an attacking mummy in an unusual manner, or rather Lera does: cookies! Then someone pops up out of the main sarcoffagus with a little friendly encouragement from Zaboo, "Oof!": a heavily wrinkled man in Egyptian High Priest garb. Looking around, "Uh, something tells me I slept past the Festival of Bahst."

R'Merr wakes up in sickbay, is greeted by "Q," and after a brief conversation is teleported to his teamates - and the priest who bows before him, mistaking the felinoid Caitian for an "emmisary of Bahst" - the Egyptian cat-headed goddess. After some talk, he sees Lera and mistakes her for his girlfriend. As they talk about how to get out of the tomb, R'Merr, eating up the "emmisary of Bahst" routine, dresses up in some Egyptian clothes he finds.

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