html> I Want My Mummy! #4

SD 6-23-01 "I Want My Mummy!" #4 - NARRATIVE - The team and the Egyptian High Priest talk. The High Priest says a curse prevents those who enter from leaving alive (unless they leave behind a substansial ammount of gold, which the characters didn't), but an incantation could lift it. They go to an altar room a fair distance from the main room. Searching for the hidden chamber with the book of incantations, they find three levers. Pulling them all one at a time, they reveal the location of the book, but also open a hole in a statue of Anubis, releasing cobras! An explosive thrown kills most of the snakes via the toppling of the statue. A mongoose stumbling upon the area takes care of the rest.

The High Priest then does the incantation. When he finishes however, the eyes of the broken statue glow an erie red: "Who dares to plea to the gods so quickly after desecrating their temple?"

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