html> Changes in the Ranks #2

SD 7-14-01 - "Changes in the Ranks" #2 - Where to begin ...

Captian Treki Riker is missing. Her shuttlecraft never arrived at her planned destination, and with her last reported location her departure from the Freedom , her location is unknown.

Treki is missing, and so I've been given the position ...

Finally, the "big chair," though not the way I wanted it.

I got the news when talking to the Admiral in his Starbase office. To make matters worse, two of my senior officers, Cain and Tellar requested and got transfered, as did the Priestess. It's almost as if they heard about Treki's vanishing, and felt without her, the ship just wouldn't be the same.

And indeed, without the four, this ship won't be.

In any event, I've called shoreleave off, and the crew is getting back on the ship. The search for Treki will soon commence.

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