html> Changes in the Ranks #3

SD 7-28-01 - "Changes in the Ranks" #3 Not quite on our way, and an incident already. In Security of all places! And I just got news one of the people involved is to be promoted.

While watching over the preperations to go under way, I got a message from communications. One of the crew had just been promoted by order of Starfleet: Shorte Phiuse. Just after this, I got a call from Counselor Brinks about a disturbance in Security. I headed there, and met her on the way. Opening the door, what first came to mind was a scene from a "Three Stooges" film I once saw. Engineer Demian Tempres, Assistant CoS Flare Srtife, and Security Chief Shorte Phiuse were going at it. All three stopped in their tracks when seeing me, and I let them have it in no uncertain terms what I felt of their revelry.

Well, life on the Freedom has definately gone back to normal, change of crew or no.

With the Tac-O position empty, perhaps I should have one of the security men take the job.

And what to do about my old XO position, now vacant.

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