html> Punishment Music #2

SD 10-6-01 - "Pun-ishment Music" #2 - After Temperes was released from the cell and the Punishment Music , I went back to my office and resumed my chat with Shorte Phiuse about reassiigning him to Tactical. He was, upbeat, about the news, though in an odd way. In short, pardon the pun, he very much wishes we come across rouge Cardassians.

After I confirmed his transfer, we recieved a word from security about something strange going on in Phiuse's quarters. He said something about a stinkbomb set to go off if someone broke in. We went there, and on the way found Temperes, smelling quite foul. Noticing us wrinkling our noses, he bolted to the turbolift and went in. Considering the smell and the "hand caught in the cookie jar" behavior, I had the computer freeze the turbolift and pipe in some Punishment Music .

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