html> Shorte Phiuse and the Short Circuit #1

SD 10-13-01 - "Shorte Phiuse and the Short Circuit" #1 - Just when the crew can't seem to come up with enough craziness, the ship does so for us.

After I had Demian Tempres taken to Sickbay for repeated exposure to the Punishment Music , Phiuse and I then noticed the lights were flickering. We headed to the circuitboard to check things, and Phiuse settled the issue of whether it was faulty or not by phasering through the pannel and into the circuitboard, plunging the whole deck into darkness.

Phiuse stumbled off to get a replacment board. I went in another direction, hearing the voices of various crewmen in the distance. Then I tripped over something and sprained an ankle. Lera finally came up to me. In the distance, I could hear both Phiuse and Temperes returning.

My ship is in utter chaos, and once again, I'm left in the dark.

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