html> Ghost in the Ship #1

SD 11-3-01 - "Ghost in the Ship" #1 - Just when things couldn't get any stranger ...

With the lights problem in Deck 13 still going on, I was alerted by the bridge to something going on around us. The Freedom had been enveloped by some strange nebula cloud. Green sparks were playing across it. Our instruments were unable to find a way out of it. In fact, it seemed to be following around with us.

Azzura sensed something from it, a kind of intellegence with mischevious intentions. Efforts to send a signal only got what sounded like laughter in response. After several uncessessful efforts, Phiuse tried sending out several photon torpedoes. Whatever it was out there stopped them in midfilight, and after bathing them in some energy hurled them back. They struck the ship, but instead of exploding ... well ... sensors showed the ship was coated with a new layer of paint, light green paint, charteause!

Well, Lera got her wish about the ship's color, but it so darn hurts to look at it.

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