html> Ghost in the Ship #2

SD 11-10-01 - "Ghost in the Ship" #2 - We're on our way again, sort of. We had to make a rather odd deal.

The entity controling the cloud paid the ship a visit, looking like a spark of green lightning. It teleported Zaboo to the bridge, then went around cackling. Then it went around me. Phiuse tried to shoot it, but got me. When I came to, I was in what somewhat else described as a "passionate embrace" with Lera. I tried to back away, but she was too eager for it to end.

I asked the entity what it wanted, and it seemed to be saying it wanted us to be more "colorful," bringing up a cultural entry about Haloween parties. Lera suggested we comply, so I agreed, and the cloud was gone.

That darn paint job, however, remains.

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