html> The Costume Party #1

SD 11-17-01 - "The Costume Party" #1 - With the ghost situtation behind us, we're ready to celebrate with a small costume party in Ten-Forward. Or rather, the crew is. I'm sill worried about certian things, but maybe Lera is right, I need to relax a little.

Before the party, I interviewed Zaabo about what he should be doing around here. Events have kept me from finding a position for him, and he doesn't seem to have found one except maybe as the ship's mascot, although Lera would dispute that with the ferret. Zaabo had some ... interesting ... questions and remarks. He was most interested in being a tech. While Zaabo can get into tight places, I am slightly uneasy about power tools in his paw- er, hands.

Just got a message from Sickbay, from the Emergency Medical Hologram. Chief Engineer Tempres just showed up. He's not longer ranting about hamsters, but he's covered in mousetraps!

Well, on my way to get Lera. I hope she behaves herself at the party, but with Lera, you never know. Just in case she tries something with her costume, hopefully a holographic projector will help.

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