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SD 7-20-02 - "Kzin out of the Bag" #1 - It's been three weeks now since we found the bodies of Dr. Martin and Zaabo in the doctor's quarters and Azzura mysteriously dissappeared, apparently that "symbyote" she just acquired had something to do with it.

Since then, we've been stuck at the Starbase while investigations go on, and on, and on. Most of the time I've been burried in datapads and other "paperwork" to fill out or being grilled by Starfleet investigators. Although we've had a few deaths among Security, no officers have been lost, until now. The fact that the doctor wasn't killed in combat or an accident seems more troubling to some (we never found out why he died as his and Zaabo's bodies disspaeared in transit)

The Freedom has not been permitted to dock, Azzura's repairs being viewed with suspicion as she dissapeared so soon after making them. So engineers are going over them to double check her work. Somehow, I have mixed feelings about this as I've been hearing that some of the improvments she made were lost in the examinations. All travel between ship and starbase has been via shuttlecraft and transporter, and lately the nearby sun's been flaring up, and the activity interferes with the latter. It's been shuttlecraft only.

So I've been going back and forth from the ship and Starbase. The questions from the investigators never end, only get interupted by breaks. Yet as always, something comes up on the Freedom, and my presence is required.

As for the other officers, life goes on, albeit minus a few faces they've come to know. Demian seems to be coping with Azzura's disapperance by imersing himself with their kids. K'Lynxyl is in the "Admirality" quarters again. I still can't believe the space case who assigned her to a cargo pod while it was being refurbished! Lera's been recovering from her giving birth, and has been spending some time off relaxing in the starbase. I'm not sure what Flare's been up to. R'Merr has been going about his routine.

And as life goes on, new faces come in. We have a counselor again, a Dr. Sue Freeman. She just arrived, and presumably is going around meeting with other officers. Hopefully she can help the crew unwind from the anxiety caused by the disapperances. Not to mention the anxiety from whatever oddities we run across in the future if our history is any guide.

On a final note, I've heard a few security grumble about some small-time Ferrengi con artist whose been frequenting this station lately. I wonder if he'll try to pull something while we're here.

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