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SD 7-27-02 - "Kzin out of the bag" #2 - We have a new "Tac-O," though this guy's a case, even for this ship.

Poor Dr. Freeman. First day, and she already has her work cut out for her.

I met the good doctor as she and K'Lynxyl came down to the shuttlebay. She seemed quite nice an personable. I feel she'll be quite an asset to the Freedom. This Milton Dammers I'm a little uncertain about. We've had some odd entrances before, notably those who first walked on and their first "mission" here was "Q's" playing around with us. But Dammer's was a new one. He came aboard in a cryogenics pod. Until days ago when the pod was found, he'd been listed as Away WithOut Leave for two decades. The last thing mentioned about him before than was some "medical incident" that got him demoted. Before that, he had served on the USS Tang, which just before the incident in question was involved in a scrap with the Kizinti which left the survivors in bad shape, mentally and physically. The Tang was captianed by a Caitian, a M'Rander.

Dr. Freedman and K'Lynxyl came to the shuttlebay just after the pod was unloaded from the shuttle. We talked a little about the new crewman, and when I mentioned his previous commander, K'Lynxyl revealed M'Rander was her mother! What a coindidence! Since Dr. Martin's mystery demise left her the person with the most medical training aboard, she was the one who took to thawing Dammers out. Indeed, his uniform was from twenty years before. But when he revived and saw K'Lynxyl, he screamed and ran. Dr. Freedman did his best to try and calm him. I noticed the man's hands looked like they had been burned. I thought he had been treated of his trama before put in cold storage. It seems they didn't quite finish their work.

I should note K'Lynxyl stated she saw M'Rander only once, in an institution. She said something about an "eating disorder." Poor lady. It seems whatever happened gave her a case of anorexia.

As we were dealing with our new TacO, I got commed by Admiral Ironbottom. He ordered that a "Sample #23462" be moved from the Freedom to the Starbase. K'Lynxyl would be in charge of it. As we spoke, securitymen put the item in question in the shuttle. K'Lynxyl agreed, but wanted a pilot. Lera stepped forward and voulenteered. This was followed by some glaring back and forth.

Those two have been getting more and more disagreeable with one another. I wish they would just get along. What could possibly be causing them to act like this?

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