html> Kzin out of the Bag #3

SD 8-3-02 - "Kzin out of the Bag" #3 - Those Ferrengi sons of ...

Just after ther shuttlecraft with Lera and K'Lynxyl left the Freedom, A Ferrengi ship came out of warp next to us and fired several torpedoes as it ran past us, disabling our engines. It then swooped onto the shuttlecraft, and after disabling it tractored it in and left.

Those (CENSORED ) have kidnaped my crewmen!

Why they would take a science vessel's Executive Officer and a Starfleet civilian Inspector, I don't know. Maybe this "Sample #23462," whatever it is. In any event, as soon as the engines are up and running ...

Dammers was on hand when I got here. He tried disabling the Ferrengi ship with a spread of torpedoes, but it had gone out of range. It escaped. Seems they've cause more havoc. Reports came in of a robot miner being hit by a photon torpedo and taking dammage.

Dammers must be taking his failure to get the Ferrengi personally. He's looking guilty and slumping down in his chair when the Starbase calls us.

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