html> Kzin out of the Bag #4

SD 8-10-02 - "Kzin out of the Bag" #4 - Ugh, finaly got the ship going, but ... ouch.

Engineering called, and said basic repairs to the engines were done, but there was a loose curcuit somewhere on the bridge that prevented them from engaging. Apparently my pounding on the pannel in frustration jarred it loose as all of a sudden, the ship lurched into warp and we were all on the floor.

We still don't know what K'Lynxyl and Lera took with them. "Sample #23462" wasn't listed in our stockpile roster, and a call to Admiral Ironbottom only got back curses and shouting. That man is begining to get on my nerves ... In any event, we're picking up the shuttlecraft transponder, and getting a good analysis of the ion trail, so we're on our way to recovering them.

I just hope those Ferrengi don't have too long a head start.

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