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SD 11-2-02 - "This Really ... Bites" #3 - I feel like Hell ...

Spent the past couple of days in Medical as K'Lynxyl wanted to make sure this "vampire germ" in my system was gone. Lera's still in there.

And I can't remember what happened.

Last thing I recall was being at the Starbase, and from then on it was the very little that Lera told me, notably about that I had something that changed me into something resembling a mythical vampire, and bit her. The wound on my shoulder she says K'Lynxyl gave me, though the two not getting along, she could be mistaken. The new ensign, Lott Tadtasi, was the biggest help in finding the cure from what I was told. The germ was spread by rats, or rather blood to blood contact from them. The one Lott caught had numerous open wounds and bleeding gums. He got bit in the process, but was cured quickly as it was caught soon.

K'Lynxyl's attitude has been the biggest surprise. She's gone from friendly to cold and hostile. All my attempts to get answers from her have been met with icy glares or silence. A complete 180 degree change.

The only clue is her comment about me "marking" Lera. The "vampire bite." I can only guess that being reguarded by some as a predator, me changing into a monster may have brought back some painful feelings, changing into her worst fear. I am saddened by this as we were both becoming friends, she being someone I could talk to without the tension women like Lera brought. Perhaps later on we can resume our friendship. In the meantime, I hear Milton Dammers took my advice and has been chatting with her. At least I don't have to worry about her being alone.

As I mentioned earlier, Lera is still in Medical. K'Lynxyl insists on keeping her for obseration despite her lack of symptoms. I can't help but wonder if her reasons are unbiased, but to strongarm a doctor's order is not exactly a smart thing to do. According to regulations, she can't force Lera to stay longer than a week.

My stay in Medical was spent mostly sleeping. Despite aching from the shoulder wound and bruises that had somehow gotten all over my body, I managed to sleep most of the time. Finally a break from all that paperwork. I had been told with me and Lera indisposed, Cheif Engineer Tempres was running things. For some reason, I felt dread upon hearing that. Getting back to my office, or limping back as I'm still sore, my fears were confirmed as he had done almost none of the paperwork that came in, leaving it for me. ::groan:: It never ends.

Chief of Security Flare is doing reduced duty, undergoing counseling for some incident that I have yet to get all the details of. I also hear he's getting some medical treatment of some kind. Dr. Sue Freeman is giving him the counseling. I was told she had a small part in helping out with the cure to the vampire germ. Lott is settling in after a good start. Hopefully it won't go any rougher for the Tiburon (as Tiburons can be either male or female, going to be awkward finding the right pronoun for this person).

In any event, life goes on, and our new mission may help crew spirits. After so many months of scouting lifeless space, we may get to explore a Class-M planet. I hope it's a First Contact. Our chance to do some good to counterbalance all these mishaps.

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