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SD 11-16-02 - "We Are the Bored" - It's been some time since we left the Starbase and it's series of mishaps from kidnappings, monster rats, etc. Life here had gone back to it's normal routine of exploring dead worlds and nebulae and repairing the daily breakdowns.

We were hoping for some change in the routine, but not like this - a Borg ship! It suddenly appeared in scanner range and went after us. It's transmissions to us were ... odd. They seemed to have transmissions from 20th Century Earth media mixed in with them. Also, readings from it were similar to the "Huges' Borg," which managed to regain their free will, but with some differences.

They were overtaking us, so we took defensive action. When they escalated, Dammers and R'Merr went into action, outmanuvering the cube, and pelting it with fire. As it persisted, we came up with the idea of overloading its sensors by using our sensor dish as a weapon. We triggered it just as they were starting to tractor us in. It worked, and we were soon out of there.

Once fixed, we came upon a Borg scoutship. A "7 of 11" stated that they were looking for something to occupy their time, and weren't above making others "one of us ... one of us ... one of us ... " to do so. At this time, however, Engineer Tadtasi had found some tribbles in his station. So we beamed them over to the Borg scoutship, hopefully taking care of two problems at once.

Our last transmission from Starfleet suggested new personel. I wonder who we'll get.

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