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SD 11-23-02 - "Flare Burns Out" - That Flare is getting to be a pain in the ...

Less than an hour beforehand, things were going well enough. For a change, there wasn't a major glitch somewhere on the ship, and for one of our officers, a promotion. Dammers' actions concerning his handling of the Klingon ships when we rescued Lera & K'Lynxyl, and his more recent actions with the Borg were noticed by Starfleet and earned him a promotion. He is now a Lieutenant, Jr. Grade. He certainly took the news well. He certainly has gone through quite a bit.

I should have taken the word of our destination that the quiet wouldn't have lasted. As expected, we were directed to somewhere to get replacements for our recent early retirements and medical discharges among the crewmen. But the location leaves something to be desired ...

New California.

Although I still haven't completely recovered from the amnesia I suffered just as I arrived onto the USS Freedom, but I have reason to think that was my home. The scattered memories of my life, and how no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't make sense out of the insanity around me, nor make much of a living in it. Thank God for Starfleet. Despite everything this ship, and the one before, threw at me, it's still better than life down there.

While I was talking to Dammers, we got a comm from 10-Forward. A brawl had started, and instead of trying to stop it, Security Chief Flare Strife was in the middle of it. I called up a group of security guards, met up with them, and headed to there. I ordered Strife to stop, but instead he punched me. When I got back up, trying one last time to appeal to his reason, this last thing I remember was a swing-kick ...

And I woke up beside an overturned table, my nose broken.

Flare had been violent once before recently, using excessive force to deal with Tempres, notably after he had been subdued. I heard about Flare suspected of having some kind of transporter psychosis that briefly leads to increased mental powers but soon leads to loss of control and death. I thought he had been treated. Apparently he wasn't.

I'm going to have to come up with some creative punishment for him, but what?

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