SD 03/1/03 - "Demian Hamsterfied" aka "Welcome to our Planet, Now Go Home!" #7 - That's it! I'm mad! Those Jingle-hiemered-zits have crossed the line.

The "Speakeasy's" doorman told me he thought he saw Chief Engineer Tempres in some trouble with the cops outside, so I went out to look. I found them hauling him, unconscious, to the van. I demanded to know what was going on, and one told me, in a rather arrogant manner, that he was caught trying to kill some "poor defensless animal," and he was under arrest. If that wasn't enough, I saw Demian's baby carriage for his three kids had somehow gotten outside, and the cops were taking the kids. I then ordered them to stop, telling them I was a Starfleet captian, that Tempres was my responsibility, and the kids were going nowhere but back on the Freedom ...

The next thing I knew, I was waking up on the floor of the alley with a massive headache.

Those miserable #$%*%^#$ have my crewman! Just as bad if not worse, they've taken his kids.

I thought I saw K'Lynxyl leave the alley, so I stumbled out. When I got to the sidewalk, she had finished talking with some policeman on a street patrol, and immediately ran. I tried to get her attention, but she must not have heard me. It was obvious she was headed to find either Tempres or the kids.

I went back to the "Speakeasy," and tried to get the rest of the crew. I could only find Lera and R'Merr. None of the staff knew where the others where. Furthermore, K'Lynxyl was not answering my comms. Comming the Freedom, I was told Tempres had been taken to a ICIe - Institute for the Criminally Insaine. The kids to the Neo-Berkely Nursery. Furthermore, the authorities were looking into the status of the kids' mother. Once they found out she was dead, they'd claim custody.

And considering the sad looks I see on most everyone on this place, it was obvious what kind of a future they could expect.

I told Grog to tell the rest of the crew when he saw him. With time of the essence, It was just me, Lera, and R'Merr. S'Varr also came along. He had replaced his shirt with some "pie-dyed" one that made him look like something from Earth's 1960's. With his funny speech, sounded it too. What had he been smoking? R'Merr seemed a little odd himself. A bunch of other stoned types tagged along behind S'Varr.

We had the locations, but no quick way to get to them. Then some police van came our way. Three cops in their armor came out, including a female about Lera's size, and made comments about taking us in. R'Merr took the initiative by sneaking in, with Lera following. Then the three went after them, and R'Merr inhaled some cigarette he had and blew the smoke on them, sending them in a coughing fit. I snuck behind them, got the stun baton from one and taped two from behind. Lera ' French-kissed' the female cop right in the mouth, and the policewoman fainted.

We're just about done changing into their uniforms, the "Spaceball" armor. Then it's onto the nursery. K'Lynxyl may have gotten there already, but we can't affoard to take the chance. Anyway, the ICIe building isn't far from the space elevator. Not the smartest place to put an insaine assylum, but it suits our purposes well. Anyway, I'm sure Tempres is more or less okay for the moment. The way things seem to work around here, it'll take a few days for his "treatment" to go through the beaurucracy.

On a final note, it seems the cops slipped some device on me after they clubbed me, some belt with a device over my abdomen. I don't know what it is, but we don't have a lot of time to find out what.

NARRATIVE: Demian is taken to Dr. Hojo, a particuarly sadistic mad scientist, who procedes to repeatedly expose him to his greatest fear in preperation to a mask like the "pigification" ones being lowered on his face to transform it into resembling a hamster's .

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