SD 03/8/03 - "Bustin' Loose" aka "Welcome to our Planet, Now Go Home!" #8 - Three down, one to go.

But that last one seems to have gotten away on his own and is creating havoc.

Dammers and Brundle caught up with us in our "acquired" police van just before we left. With bystanders and a policewoman nearby, with the uniform I was wearing I had to make things look convincing. Brundle seemed to do the part of 'crazy person' a bit too well. He later told us a couple friends of his went homicidal and was imitating them. Scary thought. As for Lott, I think they told me she had started heading back on her own. So with Lera at the wheel, and R'Merr conked out on the floor (just what was he and S'Varr smoking?), we headed to the Neo-Berkley City University.

We got there just as K'Lynxyl was leaving, with the kids! She had somehow gotten through the guard and the staff. At first, she saw only the dark van and the armor uniforms, but once she saw Dammers she came in. She told a sorrowful tale of an overpopulated and understaffed nursery that she called a 'gulag.' Given everything else I've heard and seen, that is no surprise, but it still makes me furious. K'Lynxyl herself is ready to rip some heads off. So are Dammers and Brundle. I am so looking forward to turning that report in and making some heads roll.

Our next stop is the "Institute for the Criminally Insaine." Why do I get the feeling that's where the sane people in this place are.


Addition: We got to the institute and found the place crawling with staff and armored cops. Turning on the radio, it seems Demian has escaped. I had a bad feeling about this, and commed the Freedom to get ready for an emergency departure. K'Lynxyl succeeded in contactng Demian, and by the sounds of him, "Die, die, they will all die ..." my feelings were confirmed.

I've alerted the Freedom, so it should be safe if he tries to go there to set the self-destruct. I guess our next move is to get him, though we may be back to detain a few before leaving.

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