SD 10/25/03 - "The Curse of Unga-Munga" Finally some time to relax.

It's taken us some time to get here after our scrap with Riit, time which was spent fixing the ship back into shape. A new sickbay, a new supply of photon torpedoes, and a whole bunch of repairs. We were able to get a few supplies when we turned in the captured Kzin ships of Klingon design, but still, like so often much of the repairs had to be done with replicated parts, which have a way of fritzing when you most need them to work.

Fortunetly, our new assignment is more of a shoreleave. At least for most of us. As it's part diplomatic, Captain M'Rander has to meet with the head of Mynesia's Council of Tribes, or the "Big Chief" as they say. The rest of us can have shoreleave in the area around the town near the spaceport. The planet itself has a culture like Earth's Polynesian areas, and the place certainly looks it. The men wearing just trunks, the women just skirts and tops around here, in some places not even the tops. Even though some buildings are brick and many wooden, few are taller than one or two stories, and the thatched roofs certainly add to the atmosphere.

I only saw Kura Scyarin and Cosmo Ennin in the transporter room when I got there, Lera getting there just after me. Typical of her, she was taking advantage of the lack of a nudity taboo by going topless. S'Varr, never the type to miss out on a tourist trap, practically ran in. Once we beamed down, he practically bounded off. M'Rander beamed down just before we did. We caught sight of her before she was escorted inside a room.

I really wish Dammers and Lynx were able to join us. After her abduction by Riit, they could really have used some time to relax together, especially since with getting the ship fixed, they've been as busy as everyone else. Hopefully they'll get some time before we leave.

So far, the trip down has gone mostly okay, considering Lera. Her nudist quirk makes me less than comfortable, though at least here it isn't being noticed by the locals. Unfortunetly, she revealed what had happened on the Bridge when I blacked out. What in the heck am I going to do? I'm not in love with her, yet can I just pretend this never happened?

Besides that, the only mar was when I bumped into some local shaman - literally. In shock over Lera's relavation, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. The man exploded with rage, yelling about "outsiders" pushing his people around, and put some kind of "Curse of Unga-Munga" on us and "all those with the chief's ear" in our "tribe."

Just local superstition, but I still feel uneasy. Oh well, it will pass.

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