SD 09/10/05 - "Making Tracks" - Owwwwwww ... what a ride. That really hurt.

The railcar went down a length of tunnel. At one point, we ran into a flock of bats, much to Lera & Lynx's discomfort as a couple got in their hair. Half, however, thought it was fun, humming theme music of the "Batman" shows from old Earth media.

The end of the ride was rather abrupt as the control stick broke in Tara's hand, and we crashed into the buffer in the end, sending us flying in the air. I came to with Lera in my lap. Cosmo and Half were caught in the overhead lights.

The room we ended up in looked much like the one the railcar came from. It had two doors, one of them an elevator with a keycard slot. Lynx found a key to something in the collar of the killer rabbit she got. She handed me the rabbit, and with meat hard to get for us, talk turned to cooking it, which creeped Lera out for whatever reason. I got her off me by holding the rabbit carcass up to her.

Tarra managed to pry the elevator open, and we got Half and Cosmo down and went in, Cosmo still unconsciouss. I pressed the down button and down we went.

Reaching the bottom, we entered a labratory of some kind. The place looked a bit strange, a mixture of modern Federation and 20th Century equipment, ans had something of an erie air to it, reminding me of those old time "mad scientist movies." In one enclosure behind a force field were more killer rabbits, starring at us. There was also a giant hamster in a huge clear plastic globe, which sat on some metal rollers which powered a generator as the animal ran around. Odd.

Who owns this place and what are they doing here?

On another note, the fragile blue suit that was made to fall apart in the middle of this survival training has finally done so to the point where there's not much more than my upper pants. This may not be a good thing with a mostly female team, especially Lera.

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