SD 09/17/05 - "Tarra's Hare-Raising Experience"

Report #91210-12345

Stardate 050917.911

RE: Events around S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R. Location #666

Admiral S'Cowl,

As you may know, the results of the last routine survey of S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R. location #666 were not available yet as the scouts assigned to do the survey, Ensign Droppa of Bollia and Ensign M'Pahntz of Cait, had failed to report in for some weeks and was listed as missing. As it turns out, he has just been recovered by the shuttle dropping off the latest group of personel assigned to take the test in the area, which I belive was that group from the destroyed USS Freedom you ordered to take the test.

The two rambled for hours, saying they had been chased for days by carnivorous rabbit-like animals, bearing a strong resemblance to the creature from the old Earth comedy "Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail." To complicate matters, M'Pahntz had gotten an insufficent ammount of protein due to larger animals in the area being attacked and eaten before he had a chance to get them, supposedly by these carnivourous rabbits. As a result, he invoulantarily found himself starring at his Bolian companion and his mouth watering. The Bollian found himself getting an insufficent amount of sleep at this time, for some unknown reason.

Then while runing from the rabbits, they came across an elevator which led to an underground complex. Hoping to get rest and nutrition, they were captured by a human describing himself as "Dr. Ewagata Hojo," who then subjected them to a number of horrifying experiments, such as testing them for exposure to the "Gili" motion picture from old Earth media. Somehow, the pair managed to escape with a communicator and contact the shuttle.

The two were naturally declared to be delusional by examiner and taken to the "Sick Puppy" Mental Hospital to recover.

As the Caitian's medical exam did show a terribly insufficent ammount of protien, it is likely the part about a lack of bigger game may be true. Given the members of carnivourous races in the "Freedom" group currently at the location, specifically the Kzin Tarra Nebbendi and the half-Kzin K'Lynxyl, there is a high probability of violence as hunger will very likely bring on their instinct to survive at any cost.

Although procedure is that S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R. teams must endure whatever obsticles they face, these new developments warrant consideration that their training be moved to another area or called off. Otherwise, I feel you will need a smaller shuttle to recover what is left of the team, with the crew armed with police gear and a pair of Caitian-style mental ward straitjackets & muzzles.


Cpt. Ura Belcher

P.S. You expressed concern about Admiral Ironbottom's communication service occasionaly malfunctioning and sending messages to other adresses. A throuough exam show it to be mostly cleared up. Athough a rare message does occasionaly leak out, the odds are low to begin with and the errant messages were traced to PADDs that were slated for disposal. So there is no need to worry.

Also, although the former Borg are recovering, the examinations of one are being looked over again as they showed signs of recent "intimate activity." Although this is technicaly possible for a Borg that regained free will, who in their right mind would do such a thing? Such activity would invariably mean the woman would be injected with Borg nanites. Although there would be no ill effects and they would prevent infections, she would be vulnerable to assimulation if any Borg close enough found out about it, and any person who knew how could potentially use them to do who-knows-what with her body.

NARRATIVE: Hojo confronts Payne, Lynx, Tarra, and Half, and uses his technology to transport Tarra onto a Frankenstein-style table, raises it up to a lightning storm, and uses the storm's energy to use the Borg nanoprobes in her to turn her into a humanoid with rabbit-like characteristics. Meanwhile, Melvin finds a cryo chamber, activates it, and from it emerges a Vulcan woman from the "Kirk Era," complete with miniskirt and high boots, Vak-Surik.

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