SD 11/12/05 - "Gimme an F" - Just when you're feeling on top of the Universe, something yanks you back.

Everyone met up, though Lott was late due to a stuck turbolift. One by one, I gave them their promotions, aside from Droolin who didn't qualify, and Lera whom was already Commander. All were thankful, especially Lynx whom was so overjoyed ... man I haven't had a smooch like that as long as I can remember.

Then someone entered, Admiral M'Kasa. Before he could begin, Tarra was called by her doctor and had to go. I think Cosmo was called at this time as well. Vak-Surak also came in at this time. Admiral M'Kasa expressed his regrets that we had to endure the S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R. exercise, but did have some good news for us. First a new ship, and on the display screen he brought up a state of the art science vessel, shinny and new.

Then he had something for each of us. He went to the holodeck and came back with flat boxes: Cait's Order of Silvermane. Awarded for stopping Ironbottom from razzing New Cait. The crew was relieved about once again having a new ship and happy to recieve a medal. Lynx, whom earlier had been bristling in his presence, thanked him.

He then announced that he would be taking over from Admiral S'Cowl as the commander of this sector. There would be no more shortages of parts. No more lack of qualified personel.

It was at this high point that Admiral S'Cowl walked in and brought it down.

He produced a PADD that stated Starfleet was making him in charge of this starbase and this sector, then ordered M'Kasa out once he had finished all business here. M'Kasa handed Lynx a couple PADDs, apologized for not being able to do more, then left, obviously dispirited.

S'Cowl then basicaly told us he would be running things around his way, and it was obvious he thought very little of us. Instead of the shiny new ship, the USS Freedom 1979-E would be another Cardinal-class vessel. And what sorry shape it was in judging by the image on the viewscreen. It's paintjob was cracked and faded, and absent in places. There were numerous spots of corosion, and some places were covered by what looked like duct tape. I think I saw some broken windows.

Even after all the damage it took, the "Gutter" was in better shape than that.

Our reward for everything we went through all this time: a barely spaceworthy ruskbucket.

Of supplies, from what S'Cowl was saying little will be forthcoming due to "damage to numerous ships from the renegade Admiral Ironbottom." Never mind we were the ones who stopped him. I have the felling it will be a similar story with qualified personel. To make sure our "illogical" minds would be focused on repairing the ship, the holodecks would be limited only to meditation programs.

Of why the ship was in poor shape, S'Cowl stated it had been put in reserve for Captain Treki after the destruction of the Freedom - D, but suggested the shipyard commander had not bothered to maintain it, thinking she'd soon blow up the last ship. We sarcasticaly asked if we would have gotten a better ship if we would have blown up the Freedom - E much sooner. He didn't give much of a response.

He then turned, telling us not to expect the same "coddling" we got at New Cait, never mind four of our were court-martialed, gave us ten minutes to start fixing the ship, then left.

It was apparent we had exchanged one lousy leader for another, or a real peice of male anatomy to paraphrase Halfpipe. What a jerk!

In any event, at least we have a ship now. The USS Freedom F. Best thing we can do is make it shipworthy again.

In a sense, things have come full circle. We were able to handle a rustbucket ship once, and we can do it again.

Hopefully this time there will be a few less issues with the warp core, and the transporters, and the replicators, and the life support systems, and ...

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