SD 1-6-01 Trouble in Paradise #1 - I should have figured the cure for the Junkesko Curse would have come with a price tag. Just as I was starting to get used to being human again, and Ael a Romulian again, we ran into the locals of this place - natives in loincloth. With my translator, it soon became obvious the natives were less than happy to see us, and demanded we follow them. Treki seemed to agree, but then the natives reached for our comm badges and phasers. After I gave them a warning, Treki fired judiciously into the air. The natives responded by dropping their spears and bowing all at Treki. All except the chief, whom Caine lept at and bit into his ankles (I'll have to make a note never to say 'Bite me!' around her).

I've been trying to talk further with the natives, but for the moment they keep bowing to the Captian as if worshiping her, and Treki's just eating it up, posing proudly.

(sigh) Looks like this is going to be one of those missions.

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