SD 4-21-01 Compy's Revenge #2 - Compy's gone, hopefully for good this time.

The "holodeck in a holodeck" trick worked. Compy materialized in his holographic form, and the techs sprung the trap. Once they gave the signal, I pretended to congratulate Compy on his "victory," then left the holo-holideck. I then promptly saved all programing to the holocube in the ARCH controls, then removed the cube - Compy was contained.

The Captian was awake but a bit groggy when I contacted her. I told her about the situation, and immediately shook herself from her groginess. With the techs scanning the computer to make sure all traces of Compy were gone, I went to the bridge and turned over the holocube and the portable holo-computer it was in. Treki was alarmed Compy had gotten on the loose again, it turned out Priestess Kyreil had gotten injured in the ordeal. Treki took the cube & computer, and headed out, saying she had to meet up with an Admiral soon. I did mention the possibility of turning Compy over to the Daystrum Institute to see how NOT to make a sapient computer. It wasn't long before Treki packed and boarded a shuttle. I radioed her goodbye, but she said she'd be back soon.

Something tells me, however, she may be occupied for a few more days than expected.

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