A'Chala's Bio

Name: A'Chala

Rank: Yeoman

Age (physiological): 32

Sex: Female

Height: 6'2

Weight: uhhhhh ... can we skip that one?

Hair (fur): tan but unusually streaked with grey

Eyes: Green

Race: Caitian

Position: Chief Tactical Officer

Description Vak - Surik is average height for a Vulcan, about 55 and 140 lbs. she has shoulder length black hair, cut straight across her forehead in the typical Vulcan fashion (the only logical way to keep it out of your eyes to maximize performance). She wears the Starfleet issue of 23rd century science position uniform, with the standard issue black tights and thigh boots.

Background Born somewhere in Federation space to an adult male and female Caitian. That is all that she remembers of her early life, her known life picks up when she awoke in a dorm room in Starfleet Academy completly naked except for a lampshade and enrolled in the Starfleet School of Law. Strangly she already knew much of what was taught causing theorization one or both of her parents were either criminals...... or lawyers. Progressing rapidly A'Chala spent most of her off time sleeping or trying to figure out the 'A' of her name. After her graduation A'Chala was ordered to JAG's Special Investigative Office as a junior case officer.

A'Chala's first case was to keep track of the USS Freedom's 'criminal activies'. At the time considirably straight laced after a mere four years of keeping track of the ship's activities until she was carted off to the Federation Loney Bin for treatment. She had become prone to fits of violence, aphesia, and 'generally deranged activity'. After a two year stay A'Chala was finally released after be declared fit for duty. The rest of her tour of duty in JAG was spent as a DA assigned to the Risan Vice Squad. Which was interesting and most dealings decidedly illeagal. A'Chala was still prone to fits of aphesia and temporary insanity brought on by the mention of 'USS Freedom'.

She worked her way past her fits and in her final move to recover from her problems she requested an assigment to the Freedom.

Previous Positions - JAG Special Investigative Office, Case Officer, Risan Vice Squad

Medals & Decorations - Purple Heart, Risan Service Medal, JAG Service Medal

Physician's Notes: Shows symptoms of hair greying, which is rare among Caitians her age. Also has several unexplainable scars.

Psycholigists' Reports: Prone to mental fits of Aphesia and uncontrollable rage.

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